Condolence & Memory Journal

I am so very saddened to have just learned this and missed his service. Unfortunately I was in MN at Mayo Clinic from Feb to May. Such a kind, caring & wonderful man. I was lucky to have gotten my first job (age 16) working for him throughout my high school & college years. (1973 -1981) I was fortunate to have learned a great deal from this kind man, and to get to know some of his family.

Mrs. R, David, Diane and Steve ~
Please except my belated condolences. I'm certain this has let a very empty space in all of your hearts.

Very sincerely,
Maureen Riley-Feinberg

Posted by A friend   November 07, 2018

I am so saddened to just now have learned this. Such a kind and caring man. I was fortunate as a young girl to have him as my first boss at 16. (1973 - 1982) Throughout my high school & college years I learned a lot about retail as well as many other things - bookkeeping included. Those were the great days when life seemed so much simpler rand laughter in abundance.

Mrs R, Diane & David, although late, please except my condolences. Unfortunately I was in MN at the Mayo Clinic battling health issues. I am sorry to have missed his services. A man I will always remember fondly.

Maureen Riley-Feinberg

Posted by A friend   November 07, 2018

I am sorry for your loss family of Mr Rosenthal
I worked at Kamins from 1982-1993 off and on!! I even worked for Steve in Marlborough's store!! Many great memories!! Glad he got to enjoy his retirement and life with his families!! Katie Raftery

Posted by Katie Raftery - Glastonbury, CT   February 12, 2018

He is so fondly remembered for his kindness and his smile and I haven't been to the store for almost 50 years. I loved going to Kamin's with my mom. It was a great store,except for the gym suits! Comfort to the family.

Posted by Judith - Covington, VA   February 08, 2018

Thank you for the Match Box collection you helped me build and share with my children and grand children .. Always a smile and always a kind word.
Jim Flanagan

Posted by Jim Flanagan - Haymarket, VA   February 07, 2018